Trophy Winners


And the winners are…

2019 South Australian Wooden Boat Festival Trophy Winners

Captain Les Sims from St Helens in Tasmania selected the trophy winners at the 2019 SA Wooden Boat Festival. Listed are the winners, with a brief comment from Capt Sims

Best Canoe, Kayak or Rowing Boat

S’may - Damon Hayter                      

A brilliant finish using traditional timbers

Best Yacht or Sailing Dinghy

Boo - Greg Dale                  

Nicely built and used regularly

Best Traditional Vintage Yacht

Iole - Fraser Buchan                       

Well maintained including mast and spars

Best Restricted 21

Marcelle - Alan Edwards           

A standout, great finish

Best Paddle Boat      

Oscar W     

A lot of hours spent by Friends of Oscar W maintaining a workhorse

Best Speed Boat       

Mobbster - Stephen Mobbs        

Brilliant finish, 10 years in the building

Best Steam Boat

Meta E - Curt Heinrich            

Great finish

Best Putt Putt or Open Boat

Dolphin - Richard Sanders         

Immaculate, great finish

Best Halvorsen

Sea Vixen - John and Karen Judd

Well maintained, a standout, including the lovely dinghy

Best Cruiser under 10m

Master Jack - Rodney Smith                       

Great boat, professionally built using traditional Tasmanian timbers         

Best Cruiser over 10m

Princess - Craig Blacker             

Great finish and well maintained

Best Electric / Solar Boat

Bia 2 - Dick Stiles                 

Great finish, 2000 hours of dedication

Most Interesting Boat

M.V. Kingfisher - Greg Patten               

What you can do with innovation !

Winner – Fairy Light Parade

Mary Kate - Alex Bennett             

Classic light show

 Winner – Concours d’ Elegance

Princess - Craig Blacker             


Peter Turner Trophy Winner

The trophy was awarded to a boat made by a builder other than Pete Turner, that most embodies the range of skills and ingenuity that was the hallmark of Pete's work.

Winner: Flaming Galah - John Draper


The judges kept in mind the criteria for the award stated above, which, unlike other Wooden Boat Festival awards, are not to do with high finish, superb craftsmanship, high polish or historic originality, but more to do with creativity, ingenuity and the builder's courage to "have a go". Flaming Galah met all the requirements with a touch of workman like finish and style. 

Steam Sharpie ‘Flaming Galah’:

 SL Flaming Galah started out as a derelict Lightweight Sharpie designed for the bonfire. Built late 60s by AJ (Chips) Barclay at Glenelg, it sailed competitively at Largs Bay and Ceduna, and is believed to have sailed on Lake Eyre!

 The Sharpie was rescued by John Draper of Bridgewater in 1993 and slowly rebuilt, emerging in 1998 as a unique steam launch powered by a home-made steam engine (converted from an air compressor) with steam supplied by a modified steam cleaner.

 Since then, the boat has seen many ‘improvements’ including a condenser system which re-uses exhaust steam as boiler feed-water; a new copper-tube steam generator, and an extended canoe stern.

 A diesel-fired burner heats water in the copper coils, with steam fed directly to the engine. Steam is raised within two minutes, with automatic control of temperature and pressure, giving a cruising speed of 5 knots